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Who is Hera?

Hera is an intense queen of Greek Gods, also known as Juno in Roman culture. She is often used as a symbol of motherhood and childbirth... but she's known to have a vengeful side. We think that she depicts Hera & Co's aesthetic perfectly - we love mother earth, and we are fueled by the obligation that society has to change to prevent the destruction of our planet. It can sometimes be frustrating when there are still so many people who don't see this as an obligation... but that's what keeps us going!


Where can I buy your products?

Right here on Hera & Co! We sell mainly online and occasionally attend special markets and pop-ups in areas around Toronto. Check our instagram account for upcoming pop-up dates!


Where do you ship to?

We will ship across Canada and the US! We want to make the zero-waste lifestyle accessible to everyone. 


Do I qualify for free Local Delivery?

If you live in the City of Toronto, as indicated in red on the map below, you will qualify for FREE local delivery! Our founder, Erin, will personally deliver your order to you without any packaging!

For those of you in surrounding cities, we are trying very hard to include you in upcoming expansion once we test this logistics method. For now, it is just the City of Toronto.

City of Toronto


What do you do to help the environment, other than sell us stuff?

We support keen environmentalists and support them in their journey to becoming a champion through our volunteer group The Co.

We do two garbage clean-ups a month with The Co, and anyone else who wants to join!

We offer personal and business consulting sessions with people who want to make a bigger impact by implementing the right systems into their home to live a more zero-waste lifestyle. Email us at if you're interested in these services

We focus on education and advocacy for environmental thinking and action through our social media, blog and attending political and educational events.

We work with other small and medium-sized businesses in Canada that support a wide variety of people: people with disabilities, other women-owned local businesses, including women of colour-owned businesses, and more. Sustainability must be a holistic fight, we can't just focus on reducing plastic when we have people in our society who are working 10x as hard as others and making it half as far.

Want to join The Co? Sign up here.


I need something that I can't find, what can I do?

Reach out to us using any method listed on our contact us page. We love to hear from you!


Will you ever have a physical storefront?

Not in the near future. Check out our upcoming dates on our instagram

We have intentionally made our home online so we aren't limited to serving just Toronto, a city that already has lots of options. We wanted to expand our reach so people that can't access these kinds of products now can in one easy place.


Any more questions that aren't answered here? Email us!