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How it Works

How the online refill worksNote, local delivery comes in a tote, not a box!


Frequently Asked Questions


What if I choose Local Delivery or Downtown Meetup?

In this situation, we will deliver your order in a reusable bag. When you order next, we will collect the bag & jars!

Not planning on re-ordering? We will still take your totes & jars back! You can request a pick up on the home page.


Are the emissions worth returning the jars?

Yes! Absolutely. Studies have shown that shipping a product is more efficient than going to the store as long as the purchaser lives further than 5 miles away from the nearest store. So, if you don’t have a refill store within 5 miles, this is a fabulous option!


Will I be charged extra when I return the jars?

No way! We pay for the return shipping because we really, really want to make refill options accessible to people. Of course a portion of the cost is factored into the price, but our margins for now are as low as possible on The Refillery products – some are even cheaper than if you ordered a comparable product on amazon!


How the heck do I get the product from a jar into my small mouth containers?

You can either use a funnel if you have one, otherwise you can chop off the top of a water bottle, flip it upside down, and use that as a funnel!


Have other questions? Email us, and we'll help you out and add it to the list!